Security Plan

Security Systems
The main gate are operated and staffed 24-hours a day by security guards. As a gate security officer, we provide the security officer who be responsible for the access control of all incoming and outgoing vehicle.

Video Monitoring/CCTV
Our CCTV security camera and security guards fully trained to immediately respond an access any situation appropriately or as our client’s request. Monitoring the security of persons and premises from a control room perspective requiring the ability to effectively operate security systems to monitor activities.


Guard Tour Systems
The implementation of a guard tour system will help companies to monitor their officers accurately in time and manage their assets more effectively, upgrading their security services.

Facility Process Monitoring
Many businesses have critical processes that need to be monitored. Lines stopping, vehicles coming and going, storage rooms opening, and anything else you may require if it's important to check.


Fire Alert training
The detection and prevention of fires is an essential part of the duties of a security guard. Whether on patrol or operating a fixed point, a security guard should be constantly on the lookout for fire hazards. Watching for the common things that are likely to generate a fire is likely to assist security guards in the performance of their duties.

Executive and private protection
We provide protection offers executive and personal protection to celebrities, VIP’s, corporate executives, high profiles individuals and company employees


Corporate Security
24-hour management supervision. Immediate personnel replacement and complete detailed security orders - routine and emergency.

Professional Training
Our team of security professionals will be trained through our approach to learning and development, which helps ensure safety and customer service. And we provide our employees with opportunities for professional development and career advancement, which builds a more stable, engaged and quality-driven workforce to serve you.


Areas of our expertise include:

  • Commercial and Office Complexes
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Complexes
  • Condominiums and Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Special Events and Conferences
  • Personal Protection
  • Security Survey

Guards recruited by us have to comply with the following basic requirement:

Skills required:-

  • Good at communicating.
  • Having the ability to work well under pressure.
  • Having awareness and being assertive when situations arise.
  • Being able to follow and give directions.
  • Being able to recall information when required.
  • Must have the ability to work within a team structure.
  • Be accurate and pay attention to details.
  • Have a flexible skill set when the need arises.
  • Have a basic knowledge of customer service skills. (Prior customer service skills beneficial)

Personal Qualities:

  • Must be able to work shifts including weekends and Bank Holidays.
  • Smart appearance with no visible tattoos. Neck and hands are unacceptable.
  • Be a team player, but have the ability to work without supervision.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Confident in dealing with difficult customers.
  • Take initiative.
  • Friendly manner.
  • Professional and tactful approach to situations.
  • Reliable, dependable and punctual.
  • Physically fit with good sight and hearing