QC Protection & Investigation Services SdnBhd is a medium sized Malaysian owned and operated multi-faced company establish in 2005. The company was formed by Mr. Chandrashekar Rao (Managing Director),Tunku Dato' Seri kamel Bin Tunku Rijaludin (Executive Chairman), and Abdul Haiyum Bin Abdul Hamid (Executive Director).

The formation of the company was a direct result to meet the need and demand for a more concentrated and professional approach to services that are capable, disciplined and efficient with a sense of trustworthiness in diverse areas of the Security and Protection Industry.

QC Protection management team comprises of qualified, experienced and highly professional services personnel trained in security and commercial business. Our goal is to continually strive for excellence in all areas of operations by identifying organizational priorities and providing our clients with unsurpassed services.

As a modern and forward thinking organization we have embraced advance technology and systems to enhance our services standards to meet contractual obligations. Our record of accomplish has provided us with the ability to establish a diverse client base of respected corporate clients and government departments across the country.

The primary objective of QC Protection is to maintain a leading position in the fields of security, emergency services, investigations and training. To meet these objective we recognize that our clients expect services to be provided professionally with integrity, honesty and generally exceeding the standard of contractual requirement.

Client satisfaction, their health safety and welfare, as well as that of our employees remain our highest priority at all times. We work with our colleagues and clients to deliver results. We accept responsibility, remain positive and co-operative and encourage progressiveness and creativity. We act with humility and courtesy, consider the needs of others and value individual differences.


Customer Philosophy

We always think ourselves as a business partners with all our clients sharing the same basic security objectives of protecting asset and life against possible losses and image building and value for every money spent

Training System

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